Airblade Dryer LED

Airblade Dryers

Automatic Dual Jet Airflow Hand Dryer

Sanitary: hands never need to touch the dryer so its usage is extremely sanitary. Plus, no paper waste is generated so restrooms always appear cleaner.

High performance: the more it is used, the greater the savings.

Operation is easy: just insert your hands and then slowly withdraw them.

Drying Fast: dry hands within 9 seconds, the high-speed Jet dryer’s strong air current removes water from the both sides of the hands with a powerful gust measuring 90 meters per second.

Built-in Blue light: there is light inside hand-drying slot to be easily used in darkness.

Easy Maintenance: water blown off the hands is collected in the unit’s drain tank, so the floor stays dry.

Long useful life: up to 7 to 10 years.

Environmentally friendly: by eliminating paper waste, fewer natural resources are consumed, which reflects positively on any operator who chooses the Jet dryer.

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