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Airblade Dryers

Automatic Dual Jet Airflow Hand Dryer

Sanitary: hands never need to touch the dryer so its usage is extremely sanitary. Plus, no paper waste is generated so restrooms always appear cleaner.

High performance: the more it is used, the greater the savings.

Operation is easy: just insert your hands and then slowly withdraw them.

Drying Fast: dry hands within 9 seconds, the high-speed Jet dryer’s strong air current removes water from the both sides of the hands with a powerful gust measuring 90 meters per second.

Built-in Blue light: there is light inside hand-drying slot to be easily used in darkness.

Easy Maintenance: water blown off the hands is collected in the unit’s drain tank, so the floor stays dry.

Long useful life: up to 7 to 10 years.

Environmentally friendly: by eliminating paper waste, fewer natural resources are consumed, which reflects positively on any operator who chooses the Jet dryer.

LED panel Lights 2×2 and 2×4

LED panels are a direct drop in for t-bar/suspended ceilings. Tabs are also included used for securing the lights in the suspended ceiling for seismic certification.

LED lights are catching on fast as they offer up to 60% savings over conventional lighting. They are marginally more efficient than fluorescent lighting, but they have an extremely long lifespan (approximately 50,000 hours) which makes them more desirable in applications where low maintenance is desired.



2x2 & 4x2 LED pannel


LED High Bay & Low Bay Lighting
Replace HID/HPS or MH Lighting with UL & DLC Approved, Energy Saving LED High Bays and Low Bays

From large area, wide-angle lighting in warehouses, factories, gymnasiums, and conference centers, to narrow aisle lighting in retail stores and other tight areas, our LED High Bay and Low Bay products are cost-effective, energy-saving solutions for a wide range of overhead lighting applications. With light output comparable to conventional 250W-1000W high intensity discharge (HID) lighting, our LED High Bay fixtures are designed for new construction or retrofit lighting installations at heights of 20 ft. (6 m) or greater. Shop Light fixtures provide extraordinary light output for lower ceilings from 10-26 ft. (3-8 m).

• Instant On • Ballast Free • Cool Operating • High Reliability • Lamp Life of 35k–50k Hours or More



PAR-20 Bulbs

From a build quality and light control standpoint, PAR type lamps are generally considered superior. The explicit parabolic nature of the reflector means light is more precisely reflected directly out of the bulb cavity, with less dispersion, than an R or BR type lens. PAR type lamps, thanks to the design of the lens in front of the actual light emitting element (which is usually a given with home lighting…PAR in general can referr to a very wide variety of lighting which may or may not have a front lens, including high powered stage lighting). The lens is often fresnel in nature, are often additionally capable of focusing the more accurately reflected light into a brighter, narrower spot. The fact that they have a more precisely crafted lens means they are capable of being designed to emit beams of varying angular degrees wide (anywhere from 12° to 70°), with high intensity narrow beams or more diffuse wider beams, makes them highly flexible.

PAR type lamps are also frequently designed in such a way that makes them viable for outdoor use. Not all PAR type lamps are properly sealed for use in humid climates or areas where rain or other water could intrude upon the bulb, but many PAR type lamps are. This is a key difference between PAR and R or BR type lamps.

In terms of nomenclature, PAR lamps are usually designated with a number. The number of a PAR lamp, such as PAR38, gives the diameter of the lamp in inches. In the case of a PAR38, the diameter would be 4.75″ (4 3/4″), or “thirty eight eighths of an inch.” Common PAR lamp sizes for home are PAR20, PAR30, PAR38, with the latter being most common.

T-8 Tubes

One of the most practical energy-efficient T8 lamps on the market today, the retrofit tube lamp provides exceptional LED lighting with reduced energy and maintenance costs compared to its ordinary 32-watt fluorescent equivalent. Suitable for horizontal application making it ideal for hotels, conference rooms, schools, hospitals and many other areas. Replacing fluorescent lights typically installed in commercial areas with high ceilings can be expensive. This retrofit LED will provide additional savings by reducing the need for frequent replacement. This T8 LED does not require a special ballast to work and offers a built-in universal line voltage driver. 

T8-Product Guide

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